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Товариство отримало запрошення на конференцію

Dear Colleague,

I hereby invite you to the forth global Conference summit on Human Right, forced Labor & Refugee  and Prostitution, and HIV/AIDS & health issues, held in  U.S.A/June 10th–12th, 2016 and Dakar Senegal/June 16th–18th, 2016, Round trip Air tickets and visas will be provided to all participants.

Kindly forward this invitation to at least 5 persons.

for more information or registration contact the secretary at www.sec.ciwo@hotmail.com

Please share the information with your
Dr. Joffrey Dale
Principal Laison Officer
(CWPHO) California Welfare &
Peoples Health Organization.
Phone: + 1-206-888-6066
Fax: + 1-206-350-9271

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